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The membership of GHAMFIN is made up of Ordinary, Associate and Honorary members. Ordinary members comprise a diverse range of practitioners, including Rural and Community Banks, Credit Unions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Savings and Loans companies, Susu Collectors and Apex bodies such as the Association of Rural Banks, ARB/Apex Bank Ltd, Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association, Ghana Cooperative Susu Collectors Association and Association of Financial Non-Governmental Organizations, Money Lenders Association of Ghana as well as Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies.
These members are widely different in size, capital structure, funding base, legal status, policy direction and locational environment. They share a common philosophy of promoting and financing low income micro entrepreneurs who lack access to financial from conventional financial institutions.

  • Associate membership is open to registered body corporate who have training, research and advocacy inherent in the provision of their services
  • Honorary membership is conferred upon individuals, who in their professional capacities have made useful contributions to the priority areas of the Network.


What can GHAMFIN do for your Microfinance Institution (MFI)?

By joining GHAMFIN we can offer you the following membership benefits:

  • Build or increase your MFI brand both regionally and internationally, resulting in an increase of donations
  • Building your institution’s profile regionally and internationally
  • Access to various forums where members make contacts, share and gather information and build consensus on industry issues
  • Networking opportunities and relationship building with other GHAMFIN members, as well as GHAMFIN’s global and regional partners
  • Share your voice and help to shape the future of the micro-finance industry in Ghana
  • Share, mentor, advise and collaborate with colleagues around the nation on challenges in your industry or with your specific institution
  • Access a wide range of GHAMFIN services including industry studies and reports, capacity building, technical assistance and advertising opportunities in GHAMFIN’s publications and website

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