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Regular Members

Entities desirous of GHAMFIN membership must be legally registered with the Registrar General’s Department as an Apex Body of a grouping of Microfinance Institutions operating in Ghana and must meet the following criteria in order to become a Regular Member. 


Associate Member

Any organization committed to the growth and development of the microfinance industry in Ghana and shares in the vision and mission of GHAMFIN is eligible to be considered as an Associate Member


Honorar Member

Honorary Membership may be conferred on individuals or entities that have been supportive of GHAMFIN and/or its members.


Regular Members
  1. active membership of microfinance institutions
  2. an independent secretariat and a full time CEO/Executive Secretary
  3. been in operation for at least three years
  4. audited accounts for at least, two consecutive years
  5. a business plan
  6. committed to promoting performance-based membership criteria
  7. be committed to support the GHAMFIN Social Capital Fund
  8. be committed to the promotion of good industry practices


Current Membership

The Network’s regular membership is at two levels:

  • Direct Membership
  • Indirect Membership.

Direct membership is restricted to the 7 Microfinance Association and the ARB Apex Bank. The 7 Associations are: Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC); Ghana Cooperative Susu Collectors Association (GCSCA), Association of Rural Banks (ARB); Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association (GCCUA); Micro-Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG); Ghana Association of Financial NGOs (ASSFIN); Ghana Association of Savings and Loans Companies (GHASALC). The indirect membership on the other hand consists of the various financial service providers that form the associations. The indirect membership as at January 2016 stood at…… consisting of:




Regular Member


Associate Member


Honorary Member


NOTE: With dues for Regular Members, The Associations pay the dues on behalf of their members.