GHAMFIN is an informal network of institutions and individuals that operate within Ghana’s Microfinance Industry. This Network evolved from the concern of some Ghanaian Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) for the development of reigning best practices in delivery of microfinance services.

Their concern and initiatives was promoted by a World Bank sponsored action research project, which sought to identify for wider application, innovative techniques of financial services delivery that had been successful in improving access of micro entrepreneurs to financial services. This action research project, which started with the profiling of three (3) Ghanaian MFIs, grew into an informal network of organizations interested in providing effective financial services to the poor. Today, the informal group has been formalized and registered as a company limited by guarantee, the Ghana Micro Finance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN). GHAMFIN was legally registered in August 1998. At the time of incorporation its membership consists of 80 regulated and non-regulated microfinance institutions that together are serving over 60,000 clients. Its members include institutions of different sizes and legal structures such as commercial banks, savings and loan institutions, NGOs, cooperative, rural banks and traditional ‘Susu’ savings clubs. The Network has an executive committee of 11 members, of whom presently two are women. It has a permanent secretariat with seven paid employees, including a full-time executive director.GHAMFIN regularly collaborates with Government and Donor Organizations in Ghana, particularly in the area of policy change activities and implementation of capacity building and institutional strengthening programs e.g., MicroStart (UNDP/AfDB), and the Social Investment Fund.

Funding for GHAMFIN comes mainly from grants, fees for services and membership fees. GHAMFIN’s major contractors are the Government of Ghana, the World Bank, the USAID, IFAD, GTZ and Care International. GHAMFIN has received funding from the WWB/UNDP Regional Program to build Microfinance Networks in Africa.

Currently the network has a total of 2287 members.

GHAMFIN’s main objective thus, was and is to initiate and support facilitatory processes to address constraints faced by its members in the promotion and financing of low income and micro entrepreneurs as well as provide assistance to its members to develop the right products for the clients of its members. GHAMFIN presents a common platform for the Rural & Community Banks, Savings & Loans Companies, Microfinance Companies, Credit Unions, Financial NGOs, Money lenders,   Microinsurance companies and Susu collectors. The platform is for advocacy on microfinance issues, capacity building and performance monitoring, promotion of transparency & Social Performance Management.  GHAMFIN has been dialoguing with government through the Microfinance fora organised jointly with the Microfinance Unit of MoF and Bank of Ghana.


A network of micro-financial institutions collaborating to make Ghana a better place to work and live.

GHAMFIN seeks to promote membership benefits which include:

  • Building your institution’s profile regionally and internationally.
  • Having a voice in shaping the future of the microfinance industry in Ghana.
  • Access to various forums where members make contacts ,share and gather information and build consensus on industry issues
  • Access to a wide range of services from GHAMFIN including information, capacity building, technical assistance and advertising opportunities in GHAMFIN’s publications and website.
  • Networking with GHAMFIN’s global and regional partners.
  • Strengthen your critical thinking and systematic analysis skills resulting in improved decision making.
  • Become familiar with best microfinance practices thereby facilitating the enhancement of financial and social performance standards in sustainable manner.


GHAMFIN’s vision is to ‘‘build an inclusive and responsible financial sector in Ghana’’.


GHAMFIN strives to be a financially sustainable umbrella institution for the microfinance sector in Ghana unifying the work of all Apexes and their members.

PROFESSIONALISM We are supportive, trustworthy, and approachable and provide quality service to members.
INTEGRITY We are open and honest in all our dealings with members and stakeholders.
TRANSPARENCY We communicate accurately and provide complete information to members and other stakeholders.
EQUALITY We accept and treat all members and stakeholders with the same level of respect.
ACCOUNTABILITY We accept responsibility for all our decisions and actions which are taken through good judgement and experience.
FAIR PRACTICES We are committed to ensuring that members and stakeholders are treated with dignity.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We serve our members and clients in an ethical and integral way, recognising that we are responsible as guardians to our members and partners to our clients.
INSTITUTIONAL INCLUSIVENESS We believe in carrying all our members along and ensuring a complete network amongst members and stakeholders.
TEAMWORK We listen to and respect members and stakeholders whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.

The core objects of GHAMFIN are to:

  • Build capacity of members to effectively provide services in the market
  • Ensure the understanding of and adherence to consumer practice principles
  • Promote standards in financial and social reporting among members
  • Become a clearinghouse for data and information on the market
  • Establish GHAMFIN as the advocate for the industry.